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Technology & Data Center Law

Helping Clients Establish an Operational Direction in the Rapidly-Evolving World of Technologies

Based on an in-depth knowledge of the technology market, BLS is equipped to professionally negotiate software agreements (EULAs, license contracts), data center development and operation agreements, and provide up-to-date guidance on the unique terms and conditions that are specific to the high-tech industry.  Our team advises clients on potential data center investments, customer/ service level agreements, hardware and infrastructure procurement,  and data protection policies. 

We address the legal complexities of technology industry issues and data center operations such as leasing, subleasing, co-location and related services.  These challenges often include:

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As an example of a challenging issue, electricity consumption is typically a Data Center’s largest operational cost component. When handling leasing and customer contracts, our team emphasizes clear, concise charging arrangements that can anticipate the volatility in energy market pricing.  Our Data Center Team experts also possess significant experience handling important issues associated with network connectivity, whether related to issues involving local exchange carriers (LECs), competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), wireless providers, broadband companies or cable companies.

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