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Service Level Agreements

Matching Operational Commitments to the Realities of Data Center Performance While Reducing Client Liability

Data centers traditionally use service level agreements (SLAs) to spell out the services they promise to provide and the commitments to success that they intend to uphold.  An SLA sets the expectations between the data center operator and its customers.


It helps define the relationship between the two parties.  It is the cornerstone of how the operator sets and maintains commitments to its customer.  As a document, an SLA can provide a data center owner with both a set of legally-binding obligations as well as a strong marketing foundation that demonstrates their commitment to support and service.


Typically, an SLA’s terms will address 5 major areas:

  • An Uptime Guarantee

  • The Facility’s Ongoing Environmental Conditions

  • Technical Support Obligations

  • Security/Transparency

  • Recompense in the Event of Downtime

Within these areas, a good SLA addresses also addresses several operational aspects:  The basic promises; how the provider intends to deliver; measurements of that delivery; and projections of possible SLA changes over time.

Our dedicated team will ensure that your SLAs are both realistic and competitive, while also minimizing the risk and potential liabilities of such documents.  We will assess your current documentation and, with our advice, we can assure that your documents are strengthened and ready for the marketplace.

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