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Tech/Data Center Law

Terms & Conditions That Protect and Compete

The Devil Can Often Be in the Contractual Details When It Comes to Data Center Agreements

As indicated in the image to the left, the difference between elite success and dismal failure in the operation of a data center can often be embedded deep in the fine print of the contracts -- the dreaded Terms & Conditions (or Ts&Cs).   

In developing baseline operational contracts for a mission-critical facility, a wide range of questions must be addressed in a comprehensive and meaningful way:  Mandatory customer insurance? Billing terms? Security deposits?  Renewal? Coverage of taxes?  Dispute resolution?  Rights to terminate and remove customer equipment?  Warranties?  Facility access privileges? What level of expertise is being offered through the Remote Hands service?

In addition, your attorney must be able to operationally-effective distinctions between what is included in the Master License/Services Agreement and individual Service Orders.  These distinctions can be challenging, to ensure that most situations are covered and that few exceptions fall through the cracks.  Additionally, customer agreement templates must be easy-to-use for sales staff to avoid a constant resort to legal review for each and every customer transaction.  

Our experienced attorney team will ensure that your contract templates satisfy this challenging sales environment, while also minimizing the risk and potential liabilities of running a data center.  We will assess your current documentation and, with our advice, we can assure that your documents are strengthened and ready for the marketplace.

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