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Tech/Data Center Law

Outsourcing Vendor Support Contracts

Negotiating Contractor Agreements That Satisfy Customers and Safeguard Your Reputation

One of our customers, who owns a technology site, needs a support contractor to handle their electrical needs.  They look through the yellow pages, they call several of their friends, they look back over the list of contractors they’ve used in the past.  Finally, they select a vendor that appears to meet your needs.


Now, it becomes important to establish a relationship that is satisfactory for all parties involved.  That includes the data center operator, the contract vendor and – ultimately – the operators end-user customers.  But what goes into that relationship that should be covered in advance?

The contract vehicle that’s put into place must address all the necessary issues: 

  • Contract term and termination rights

  • Professional certifications & training of vendor staff

  • Response times & on-site requirements

  • Liability and Indemnification

  • Confidentiality and non-competition

  • Avoiding the employee relationship

  • Insurance requirements

  • Logistics such as office space & materials storage

We will work with your operational team to ensure that your vendor contracts are inclusive and built to satisfy your working requirements.  It will be important that your legal support team understands the intricacies of technology support and the industry language that affects such agreements.  We offer that expertise and a commitment to effective internal management for mission-critical facilities.  Allow us the opportunity to discuss your needs and we will ensure that those requisites and issues are fully addressed.

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