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Signing a Contract

Business Contracts

Preparing clear, enforceable contract documents that protect the interests of our clients

Businesses must create, manage and enforce a wide variety of contracts: With customers and suppliers; distribution agreements; and even employment contracts. These legal instruments serve as the foundation of our client's decisions for their continued operation and growth. When parties sign on the bottom line, the courts are bound to uphold the four corners of the contract.

We use our experience to help our clients reduce the risk of litigation by reviewing, drafting and revising effective contracts, agreements and business documents. Whether you need a contract drafted or revised, it is an age-old adage that you should protect yourself before signing.  Business contracts have both legal and financial repercussions should the parties have a different understanding of the nature of the contract.

We understand the nature of small and mid-sized business, and we know how litigation can impact them financially. As a result, we view settlement of contract disputes as often the quickest, most economically efficient solution. However, if such a solution is not possible, we move to aggressively protect our clients’ interests – working directly with you, placing great importance on good communication, and helping our clients to make the decisions that are best for their business.

We take care of contract disputes involving breach of contract and other issues such as violations of a non-compete agreement, failure to deliver goods or services, or failure to pay for goods or services provided.  Ultimately, the prospect of litigation must be taken seriously, with deadlines established for payment, negotiations effectively conducted, and lawsuits filed when required.  Let us be your representatives throughout the process.

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