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Signing a Contract

RFP Response Services

The Perfect Combination of Winning Prose and Favorable Terms for Your Government Proposals

Companies that take a strategic approach in responding to RFPs—while also investing in rigorous quality and knowledge management processes—differentiate themselves in this highly competitive environment.  BLS focuses on providing comprehensive proposal management support for state and local government opportunities.  We offer high caliber proposal consulting services, and deliver reliable, affordable, and winning results, earning a reputation for helping small and medium federal contractors to improve their proposal performance.

Our RFP assistance includes:

  • RFP process and consulting services

  • RFP response support, including full legal review

  • RFP writing, quality review and editing

  • RFP template design, formatting and production

  • Finalist response development and coaching

When a company submits a questionable response to an RFP, depending on the terms of the invitation, they may unwittingly bind themselves to unfavorable terms and conditions, which cannot be negotiated.  Companies often invest a lot of time and energy into writing RFPs, but fail to look at the fine print of the bidding process to understand their rights and obligations.  We offer a strong combination of proposal drafting and legal review capabilities that will ensure your opportunities are, in the long-term, both winning and profitable.

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