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We're Starting A Blog, Baby!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Many people have asked us to share our expertise in some of our wide-ranging legal practice areas. And they're right – it's time to put up or shut up. We have to demonstrate that we know what we're talking about.

Our Posting Plans

From this point forward, we will provide tips and pointers for our client community that can help you to make decisions. Each post should provide an innovative viewpoint on a topic of importance that enlightens and educates. You'll find a new blog post every three or four days, so it will be in your best interest check back frequently. And we'll try to write in a light, refreshing style that avoids the standard legal lecture, instead both informing and providing the occasional chuckle.

What You Can Expect

Our first topic will be published in a couple of days and will cover "What Makes Data Center Contracts Different." The article will address the basic issue of how leasing mission-critical space doesn't fit squarely in the typical real estate model nor the traditional IT services contract. Instead, there's a wide variety of unique considerations to address in establishing a successful data center operation.

From there, we are gonna cover a variety of subjects that affect people and businesses who have distinctive situations. These will include some fascinating micro-topics, including: Advantages and Disadvantages of an Irrevocable Trust, Immigration in the Today's Challenging International Circumstances, Preparing a Buy-Sell Agreement for Your Closely-Held Firm, as well as a few other ideas that we've got saved up.

Each blog post will be concise enough to read quickly, but provide enough depth that you – the reader – will walk away more aware of the critical rules for an important focus area. We invite you to respond and comment with your own insights. This is an interactive community and we welcome the contributions from our clients and followers.

So there are some good things to come on the journey ahead. We look forward to joining you on the voyage!

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