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Immigration Law

Green Card Applications

Providing full services to prepare immigration applications accurately and file them correctly

A green card (officially known as a “Permanent Residence Card”) provides authorization to live and work in the United States permanently. In addition to the living and working privileges granted by a green card, it is also the next step towards citizenship. Once an individual has been granted a permanent residence card, they will be able to start working towards citizenship within three to five years.


There are a variety of different paths towards a green card:  Family-Based Green Cards (This path provides is an opportunity for family members of someone who is either already a US citizen or green card holder— spouses, children, siblings, and parents—to get a pathway towards their own permanent residence card.. In addition, it includes the spouses, children, and siblings of those who are eligible);  Employment-Based Green Cards (Based on the applicant’s industry, level of expertise, specialty,etc., there can be a number of different types of employment-based cards) and Diversity Lottery Green Card (The diversity lottery is a program that randomly selects up to 50,000 people each year from a wide range of countries of origin).​

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