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Judge and Gavel

Immigration Law

Immigration Waivers/Motions

Correcting Errors or Addressing Hardships Within the Immigration System

  • Waivers for Immigration – Many immigrants struggle to legally enter or remain in the country because of the strictness of the immigration laws. The U.S. has several grounds for “inadmissibility” and If an immigrant is designated as inadmissible, they are not able to enter the country regardless of their trip’s duration.  A few of the reasons the government could deny entry into the US include:  Health-Related Grounds (to avoid the spread of communicable diseases, lack of immunizations, drug addictions, etc.); Criminal Grounds (Strict regulations and laws prohibit individuals with certain criminal histories—like fraud, drug-related offenses; prostitution, criminal convictions with over five years in jail time—from coming to the US); Fraud/Misrepresentation (Lying on a visa will also have serious consequences);  Unlawful Presence (for example, stowing away, lying about having U.S. citizenship, abusing or overstaying a student or tourist visa, can eliminate future chances of legal immigration to the US).  In some cases, though, waivers for immigration can be applied to pardon individuals for certain circumstances that may have occurred in the past.  By showing some type of hardship to the applicant’s family members who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, a we can help to request a waiver.

  • Immigration Motions – When the immigration court makes a decision, immigrants have the right to challenge the outcome. Reopening the case or asking the court to reconsider their decision are options. In either situation, the court could decide to change the outcome. We can file a  motion to reopen for situations that involve new facts or evidence that may come to light after the original hearing.  Alternately, we might submit a motion to reconsider when it appears that the original decision did not apply the law correctly, or when it violates constitutional rights.

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