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Immigration Law

Naturalization & Citizenship

Thoughtfully Leading Our Clients Through the Complicated Process of Becoming United States Citizens

By going through the naturalization process, a permanent resident can become a citizen. At that point, as a citizen, the individual can vote, get priority green cards for their family, and work federal jobs.  If they are an immigrant with a green card or one with military service, then they may be eligible for the process—typically, permanent residents need between three and five years of residency to become eligible.

But the amount of time possessing a green card isn’t the only important factor. The government also considers how much time they have spent living in the US, as well as several other requirements (must be 18 years of age or older, departure from the U.S. for six months at a time or longer, demonstration that the applicant has “good moral character” with a relatively clean criminal record, etc.).

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